Stand up against your local Health Agency

“We the People” should be standing up against our local health agencies and holding them accountable for their draconian measures of shutting businesses down, forcing masks, interfering with school district decisions, and trying to tell everyone how to live their lives!

In Colorado, the local health agencies are appointed by your County Commissioners. You have no voice with the health agency because it is an un-elected board of people who don’t even need to have a medical background.

Fortunately, you do have a voice to your County Commissioners who appoint that board so are you upholding your DUTY under the state Constitution to hold them accountable for those appointees?

Please consider TAKING ACTION! by contacting an admin of this project and putting a petition in front of your County Commissioners such as the examples in El Paso County or LaPlata County reminding your Commissioners that they took an Oath to uphold the Colorado Constitution and to protect the rights of the people, not take orders from the very board they appointed!

This is what everyone should be doing in their county to hold the non-elected board of the local health agency accountable! Take notes from Northern Idaho where they are fighting back and using Civil Disobedience.