Never Comply!

Arm Yourselves to Defend your Inalienable Rights!

Everyone should arm themselves with these 3 things:

1. MOST IMPORTANT – The Colorado Constitution!! (specifically Article 2, Section 7 which protects our right to privacy).
2. The Exec Order, page 3 with Section “L” highlighted to show that there are exemptions.
3. An exemption card/badge stating that you have a medical exemption but that you do not have to disclose it, per HIPPA. *Order from this page!* (below)

There are 2 ways we support getting an exemption card

Donate to CFFS (min. $10)

Support One of Our Volunteers!

STAND UP to Protect the First Amendment!

Join our partner, “Citizens for Free Speech” in the battle against face masks and social distancing which “grossly impede our right to Free Speech and Peaceable Assembly.

Order your Exemption Card with a lanyard and help support a great organization who encourages you to get involved in preserving free speech!


Support a Local Colorado Business Selling Exemption Cards and great T-shirts!!! *This is one of our volunteers*