Know your Rights!

Arm yourself with the most powerful weapon you need to fight against the illegal Mask “orders” – The Colorado Constitution. Read it…Know it….Print it off…and take it with you, everywhere!!! Educate others on the right to privacy!! Article 2, Section 7 clearly defines your privacy rights and Article 2 (the Colorado Bill of Rights) defines how ALL POWER lies in the hands of the people. Use it wisely!!!

***PLEASE NOTE: I guess we must be making some impact because for some reason, they have removed Section 7 from the link to the Colorado Constitution (below). This is unbelievable censorship!!! To think that they are so tyrannical that they honestly believe that they can just omit a section of the Colorado Constitution from this online source is mind-boggling!!!

Please use this link which has not stooped so low as to remove parts of the Colorado Bill of Rights to further their totalitarian political agenda!!

Everyone should arm themselves with these 3 things:

1. MOST IMPORTANT – The Colorado Constitution!! (specifically Article 2, Section 7 which protects our right to privacy).
2. The Exec Order , page 3 with Section “L” highlighted to show that there are exemptions.
3. An exemption card/badge stating that you have a medical exemption but that you do not have to disclose it, per HIPPA. *Order from this page.