Freedom Businesses in Colorado!

Many businesses in the great state of Colorado are clear on the rule of law and know how to continue running their business without lying to their customers about the recent mask Executive “order.” Although the media uses propaganda terms such as “mandate” in every story they publish, these freedom businesses aren’t buying it because the order is not a “mandate” nor is it a “law.” If it was a “law” it would have been required to go through the legislative process and it has not.

But…the “progressives” point out how the order has the “full force of the law” behind it and they try to cling onto the Colorado Revised Statutes, citing CRS24-33.5-704 saying how Polis has legislative approval to write an “order” that is unconstitutional. *Click here to learn more about how the EO is illegal.

** We will SOON have a list of all of the Freedom Businesses in Colorado who are not acting in a tyrannical fashion and invading the privacy rights of their clients. ** (there are over 700 in Grand Junction alone)

Please fill out this short form to report a business that you know of in Colorado who is not forcing people to wear masks which is a clear violation of Article 2, Section 7 of the Colorado Constitution protecting our privacy rights!

    Businesses do NOT have the "right" to Discriminate

    Businesses do have property rights to make the best choices for their own business; however, that does not mean that they have a “right” to refuse service to those who choose not to wear a mask in their “place of public accommodation” (see C.R.S. 34-24-601).

    If you believe you have been discriminated against for using the medical exemption of EO-138 (i.e., Section “L”) and knowing your rights!… you can use this information to file a complaint.