Bayfield Kids Deserve Better!

Picking Winners and Losers is a Marxist Tactic

Bayfield High School Football team is allowed to play on the field without wearing any masks while not being 6 feet apart…yet the Cheerleaders, Dance Squad, and Band are not allowed to perform.

The Parents are bullied so much by the school that the Mom’s weren’t allowed to put up any decorations inside the stadium and everyone is required to wear a mask, even if people have a medical exemption.

Medical exemptions are part of the Executive “Order” so why are they denying Section “L” of the very “order” that they are claiming to uphold?


This letter was sent to the Bayfield School Board and Superintendent on Thursday, October 8th prior to the first game.

Dear Bayfield School Board Members and Superintendent,

For the upcoming BHS Football game on October 10th, it is understood by the fans that there are a limited number of tickets and that you are implementing the CHSAA rule which states how “All spectators must wear masks” but there are exemptions to the Executive Order which must be recognized.

Page 3 of Executive Order 2020-138 (attached) states that “The following individuals are exempt from the requirements of this Executive Order:
“individuals who cannot medically tolerate a face covering.”

If fans with a ticket have an exemption card/badge stating that wearing a facemask poses a serious health risk to them, they cannot be denied entry by the school district.

If they are denied access, then you are in violation of Executive Order #2020-138, section L; in violation of the Colorado State Statute against discrimination in a “place of public accomodation” (C.R.S. 34-24-601); and in violation of several sections of the Colorado Bill of Rights (Article 2, Section 7 which protects privacy rights and Article 2, Section 10 which protects free speech and Article 2, Section 25 which protects due process just to name a few).

Please reply to this email acknowledging that you will be abiding by Section “L” of Executive Order 2020-138 and allowing entry to fans who hold an exemption card/badge.

Thank you for your time,
Judy Spady (BHS Football Mom and “Free Counties” Founder)

So Why is the district being such mask Nazi's? Not only in football but in all grades 6 and up.

There is 1 Reason:

Kevin Aten, the new Superintendent for Bayfield is running the show. He’s calling all of the shots because the School Board is even listening to everything he recommends when it comes to mask wearing without doing any additional research of what is best for the kids of Bayfield.

The entire reason for ALL of the kids in the district to be forced to wear masks was based on a 1-hour Zoom meeting with a representative from CDPHE and this is why BSD made their mask policies.

First of all, why is a forced mask policy being implemented for all children 6th grade and up based on “people with asthma?” That doesn’t apply to the majority of kids. But, more importantly, who trusts any doctors claiming that asthma patients should cover their face with a cloth covering?

Did the Bayfield School Board Investigate Any Other Sides of the Mask Issue?